Monday, January 25, 2010

18 Months Old and Some Catching Up To Do

Man, time flies, yes my baby boy is 18 months old and it has also been almost 3 months since I blogged. There is so much to blog and I probably won't get even half of it in this post but at least there will be a little up date of my family. I'll first start with Cash, the biggest news of all is he started walking at 17 months! YEAH!! He is still in physical therapy 2 times a month. I guess he still is considered a little behind. For example not walking up and down the stairs, not kicking a ball while standing with good balance and not walking backwards. His right side is still very dominate. But we are working on it. I am very happy with his progress. He is saying more and more words everyday but "NO" is still his favorite. Cash is really getting into screaming which I am not a fan of and we are for sure trying to put an end to that one! The boy loves animals and cars and making monster sounds. He always picks his Dad over his Mom, which I have to say is kind of nice. He is my first child that has done that, also Brock has been working out of town so he has been gone A LOT. So I enjoy every minute he picks his daddy! :) Cash is a very healthy boy he weighs 28lbs 12oz (95%) and 33 1/2 inches long (80%). I am really enjoying Cash, not so much from about 3:00pm to 5:00pm, his fussy/clingy time but other than that I think I am taking more time to enjoy the little things with him because I know most likely he is our last.
He absolutely loves Hats, I can't walk out the door with out him pointing inside saying "Hat, Hat" I am never allowed to forget.

A favorite toy he got from my Aunt for Christmas!
A very typical look from Cash, he gives everyone this look and if he is mad the only difference is his eyebrows are down.
Mommy and her boy, he loves to be held and lay his head on your shoulder. Which I am loving too, my girls were never into that. I will take it as long as I can get it. :)Ready for Church and looking So Cute in new outfits from Grammy!My girls who are growing up too fast!

Brock and I got some alone time to go back east for a few days for my 10 year reunion over Thanksgiving. It felt kind of weird to go back east with out my kids but it was enjoyable at the same time. It was really fun to see friends from High school I haven't seen in years as well as hang with my sister and her family.Here are just some of us, I kind of got everyone gathered a little late after a lot had already left.
Nikki and I

Kasey and I
Jacqui and I, don't you like Brock's head trying to get in the picture!Jacqui, Me, and Lauren

But when the night was done and I had to pick one person I would definitely say Jacqui was the most excited to see me. Just look at that squeeze....

Life has been busy but good. Besides Brock having to travel out of town for work we really can't complain. Another highlight of ours was my Aunt got us a Wii, we have enjoyed it so much playing together as a family and then Brock and I competing once our kids are in Bed. I really am going to try harder to blog more often than once every 3 months. My kids our growing so fast and this is the only journaling/scrap booking I do. So I know I better crack down if I want my kids to have anything to look back on. So look for a new post next week, okay probably not, maybe next month is more realistic for me!!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

We had another great year of getting way too much candy. The girls both had their school parties on Thursday and then we had a church harvest party that night. Then Saturday was the traditional trick or treating. I don' t always dress up but this year I went all out! We had a great time and below are pictures of us all. (Brock had to work Thursday night that is why he is not in the pictures.) My Beautiful Ballerina's My cute cowboy! There she is WONDER WOMAN! Yes some people were a little shocked! I heard comments such as (Girl you've got guts!) People were asking to take my picture and I am still getting comments today about it. Does that mean it left a good impression or not so good? Not really sure but it was fun! (Kamden said to me before we got out of the car and into the church "deep breath, mom I really hope people don't laugh at you tonight!) Nice support huh? We sure missed Daddy but we all had a good time! This use to be one of my young women, also a really good friend and great babysitter and one hot pirate! This is my friend Lisa who is the master behind the outfit. This was actually her outfit in college. Then the day of the party she whipped out the cape, wrist bands, and headband. She is a talented, creative friend. Thanks Lisa! Cash was a bumble bee Sat. night because it was warmer! Still cute! This was the treat I made for Aspen's preschool class. They are eyeballs, so easy and cute. That is a Nilla wafer cookie upside down with white icing, lifesaver, chocolate chip and red gel icing. So cute!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

15 Months

Cash turned 15 months last week. So I thought I would give everyone the update. He went to the doctor today and is 26.5 pounds (70%) and 32 inches tall(75%). So he has come down a little in both but he is still a good sized boy! His talking has picked up within this last month, which I love. His words are: Mama, Dada, all done, hi, bye bye, more, baby, and then quite a few animal noises. Horse still being his favorite! He is still very behind with his movement. We are still going to see the physical therapist 2 times a week. It has helped so much. He is pulling himself up onto furniture now and walking all along the furniture. But his crawl is still the monkey scoot which the therapist isn't too happy about. We are trying so hard for him to crawl the NORMAL way but I am not so sure that will be happening.

It has been so much fun for me to have a boy this time. I love the sounds he makes that were never taught to him. He makes the car driving sound, he makes monster sounds ect. He loves to be rough and bang toys together to make loud noise. I love it so much, very different than my girls, even Aspen who is pretty rough! I guess this is the face you get when you ask him to smile!

He sleeps like this every nap and bed time! He loves those animals and lays them all over him to fall asleep. Toilet paper is his new thing to get into. Yeah, not one of my favorite things but he sure thinks it is fun!!This is our Rocky doll that Brock got about 7 years ago from his sister and her husband, since everyone thinks he looks so much like him. I had to pull it out because we got Cash a Rocky shirt which he is wearing! He loves this thing. It talks and punches and sings eye of a tiger. He plays with it often!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy 6th B-Day!!

Kamden's Birthday was last Saturday the 3rd of October. I really can't believe she is 6 already! She had such a fun Birthday. We went to Boise and met up with Brock's parents and one of her cousins Deagon. She went to Build-A-Bear and made a Hello Kitty which she got a very cute PJ outfit to go with her. Then Grammy took her shopping and she picked out a doll from Target (the ones like the american girl dolls) she also got polley pockets with some B-Day money she used. She had a great birthday and is so happy she is 6 years old. Kamden is such a joy to have in our family. She is the best big sister to her younger sister and brother. We love you Kamden! This picture is of her B-day crown from school as well as the little gift she got to pick out from her teacher! Two of her cool B-Day toys! I had to take this picture, Kamden wanted me to take a picture of her in her new Hannah Montana jammies and barbie but then Aspen wanted in as well. So I asked Deagon to get in and he wasn't very excited so we got some assitance from Grammy! :) This is another very cool creation from Grammy! The grandkids at every birthday talk about which cake they think Grammy is going to make for their next Birthday. She has created a definite tradition for her grandkids. She got Hannah Montana Barbie for Kamden and used her for the cake. Kamden loved it!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

7 Years!!!

Well yesterday was Brock and my 7 year anniversary. This was the first year Brock has ever surprised me. Man, it was awesome! I really didn't know my husband knew how to be romantic. He has been trying to plan something for 3 weeks. A couple of his ideas didn't work because he couldn't find anyone to watch the kids. So Friday night our wonderful neighbor Nancy came over. The kids just love her, so they were very excited too. He took me to our favorite seafood place here in McCall. Pricey, but very worth it!! Then we walked on the beach and talked while watching the sunset. Then he had booked a chalet (ski in ski out) in Tamarack(ski resort 20 mins from us). So we did the whole hot tub, strawberries and chocolate romantic thing. Which is not Brock at all by the way. We got laughing pretty hard when we were dipping Strawberries in chocolate because it is not really our romantic scene but it was fun. Then in the morning we walked around Tamarack ski resort and then came home. It was so nice to have the night to ourselves even though we were still in our same town we really felt like it was a real get away. It has been a great 7 years. And I really feel our marriage has gotten better with time. So I am excited for the years to come to spend with my wonderful husband. I feel so lucky because I know I have the perfect fit for me.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Day of School!

Kamden started Kindergarten this year! She loves school and says the only bad thing about school is she has to wait all morning to go (she got afternoon kindergarten). I was worried about her shyness but she has proved me wrong. I am so glad I decided to put her in 2 years of preschool, it has helped her so much. She loves riding the bus too, has made lots of friends and her teacher said she is doing great. It probably helps she is almost a year older than a lot of the kids in the class but I kind of like it that way. The only thing that is hard for me is I can' t protect my soft hearted child any more. I am lucky though when she comes home she tells me everything about her day. We talk about situations that make her sad(it is usually other people that are getting their feelings hurt that bother her) and how to handle them. She is such a obedient, caring little girl. We are so lucky to have her a part of our family, she is a VERY good example to Aspen. The kindness doesn't come as easy to her! :) Aspen had to be in a picture because she started preschool!

PA Family Visit

The kids and I finally made it back to PA to visit family. It has been a year and 1/2 since I had been back. The longest ever I think. Brock couldn't come so I decided I could do it by myself. I don't really know if that was the best move but I did it. The plane ride out there I really thought I was physically going to die. It was hard! Cash does not sleep if he is not in a bed, so it makes it really tough. So I wrestled him the entire day. We left Boise at 3:00pm and got to my sisters house at 3:00 am. It was VERY LONG. We had a very packed week since I wanted to see so many people. But it all worked out. We got a Day with my Brother Brian and his family(not long enough), we got to see my grandparents and cousins, some of which I haven't seen in 4 or 5 years! My sister and I also got to go to the beach with my aunt and her friend gloria. The beach is most favorite place ever so I was so glad to go but my sister and I took 7 kids by ourselves. We tried to do the beach and boardwalk all day until 11pm at night. It was just a little CRAZY. Brittney, my sister wrote in detail about our trip on here blog you can read it there! I kept asking my sister if it was worth all the money I paid to get there. I know it was really worth it, it was great seeing everyone. I guess it just wasn't the vacation I pictured in my head. It was more work than play. I was also realizing that it was the first time I went back east when my mom and dad weren't there to visit and help with the kids. Man I miss those 2! The kids had an awesome time and are still talking about it so I know it was worth every penny. 2 of my Brother Brian's boys, Curren and Slater. Brian, Stacy and their new little one Colton. (oh and Ainsley jumped in) My girls and Brittney's girls and my cousin Michele's little girl. They had such a great time together. Here is Brigham's little boy Tyler, he didn't want his picture taken so I told him he could pretend like he is shooting Kamden and then he was fine with it. Kamden didn't like it very much but she said "I guess it is okay mommy" She is a good little girl. Some more gun action from Tyler. The girl cousins in their night gowns! My grandparents were nice enough to work with our schedule and the best day that worked happened to be there anniversary as well as my cousin Matts Birthday that also came. The grown up cousins with grandma and grandpa. (We were missing 6) My grandparents with the some of their great grandkids!